The next generation of land development

A location-based land development platform that allows stakeholders to document and report action items from a mobile device in real time.

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construction reporting
construction reporting

All sorts of companies including civil engineering firms, home builders, inspectors, fiber optic splicers, and many more use Site Marker.

construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting

Cut site visit time in half

Save your firm valuable time and resources by digitally documenting and reporting site data.

Real-Time Geolocation

Know where you are with respect to your project site at all times.

CD Map Layers

Overlay construction documents on the project site and see yourself on your plans.

Pin Action Items

Drop pins to document items and mark them with a status like "needs action" for reporting in the project value chain.

Automated Reporting

Choose any batch of pins to send to stakeholders as a site report at the end of your visit.

Bring your development online  with geolocated data collection

Increase transparency, accountability and productivity by keeping site data all in one place.

Get access to
construction documents
wherever you are

Site Marker lets you take a digital version of every construction document on your projects with you in the field.

Digital library of site plans for every project
See yourself walking on your plans with map overlays
Attach action items to specific plans when reporting
construction reportingconstruction reportingconstruction reporting

What stakeholders are saying about us

A game changing platform for the land development industry.

Site Marker has been a great benefit working on sites with accuracy, planning, and time efficiencies in the field. The ability to overlay site plans on your location in the field is incredibly beneficial both due diligence and planning, and projects under construction.

construction reporting
Paul Peeples
SW Associates
Civil Engineering Manager

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Frequently asked questions

How does Site Marker aid in overlaying construction documents onto maps?

Site Marker allows you to overlay PDF construction documents as map layers. This provides invaluable context during site visits and helps facilitate informed decisions during the due diligence, design, and construction phases.

How does Site Marker facilitate project closeouts?

Site Marker helps teams achieve project closeouts faster by enabling efficient coordination of tasks. Crews know what to fix, and agencies have a clearer understanding of project milestones, leading to better project management and faster completion.

Does Site Marker allow for document storage and collaboration?

Yes, Site Marker allows you to store construction drawings and documents, ensuring that all team members have access to the most recent plans at all times. This fosters collaboration and keeps everyone on the same page.

Can I attach images and notes to the pins in Site Marker?

Yes, each pin in Site Marker can include images, notes, and categories. This allows you to provide additional context or information about a specific site feature or issue, enhancing communication and documentation.

How can Site Marker integrate with CAD software?

Site Marker integrates CAD line work into digital site maps. This means users can overlay CAD designs directly onto the project map, enhancing accuracy during the site visits, planning, and construction phases.

How does the geolocation feature in Site Marker work?

The geolocation feature in Site Marker uses your mobile device's location services to track your location and tag features on your project map. Users can easily drop pins to document field items. These pins are geolocated, meaning they correspond directly to real-world geographic locations.

Can I use Site Marker on both desktop and mobile platforms?

Yes, Site Marker is designed to be versatile and user-friendly. It includes both a mobile app for on-site data collection and a browser application for office-based tasks, ensuring you have access to your projects wherever you are.

How does Site Marker help improve team communication?

Site Marker streamlines communication through geolocated pins that include images, notes, and categories. Team members can drop a pin using the mobile app, just as easily as sending a text message with a picture. This feature ensures that all team members are aware of the on-site situation in real-time, improving collaboration and decision-making.