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That Puts You On the Map. Literally.

Gone are the days of pen and paper reports. Stakeholders in the field are using the Site Marker app to quickly document and report daily activities with pinpoint accuracy powered by real-time map geolocation on any job site.

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Who Benefits from Using Site Marker?


General + Sitework Contractors


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Who Is Using Site Marker?

Hundreds of Trade and Self-Performing Contractors

A wide range of companies, including civil engineering firms, sitework contractors, home builders, inspectors, municipalities, and others are using Site Marker to streamline and improve their daily construction reporting.

construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting
construction reporting

Interact with Construction Drawings
in a Whole New Way

Site Marker is more than a mobile construction reporting app for the field. It's real power comes from showing exactly where you are on your drawing's map layers as you walk through your project site.

See yourself dynamically walking through your plans with the power of real-time geolocation.
Enable different map layers for specific inspections.
Access plans at any time —no matter where you are— from your phone, tablet, or desktop.
Unlimited document storage (e.g., change orders, contracts) allows you to consume assets from other stakeholders all in one place.
Move beyond the traditional PDF mark-up tool. Site Marker allows you to mark-up, measure, and create take-offs.
Create your own map layers with mark-ups.
construction reportingconstruction reportingconstruction reporting

Save Time + Money with
Easy-to-Complete Daily Reports

What if your team had an additional 50, 100, or 1,000 hours to focus on other project-critical tasks? With Site Marker, you’ll cut your firm’s reporting time in half.  Site Marker also helps reduce your overall liability exposure by mitigating risks associated with errors, non-compliance, or missed deadlines.

Map Layers at Your Fingertips

Once loaded into your Site Marker project, you’ll be able to turn on and off construction drawing layers and see exactly where you’re standing on your plans.

Real-Time Geolocation

Approach site visits like never before. With live geolocation capabilities accurate within a subcentimeter, you know exactly where you are on a site as it relates to your construction drawings.

Quickly Mark Items on CDs

Clearly communicate by adding an interactive “pin” on your construction drawing to note items that need attention from other team members. Pins are forever tied to their geolocation and can include images and notes.

Automated Reporting

Save hours of time with our lightning fast reporting. Now you can generate branded PDF and interactive reports on-site that include pins in about the time it takes you to walk back to your truck. Easily share via email with anyone.

What Site Marker Customers are Saying

We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Site Marker team and have built a great professional relationship with them on numerous projects in the county. We feel strongly this application can provide not only our department but the county with many benefits including cost savings and time.
Shawn Gaskins, Berkeley County Water
Site Marker has been a great benefit working on sites with accuracy, planning, and time efficiencies in the field. The ability to overlay site plans on your location in the field is incredibly beneficial both due diligence and planning, and projects under construction.
Paul Peeples, Civil Engineering Manager
Site Marker A+ Tracking application
I use this application almost daily on site walks/inspections and it has become an integral part of my daily routine of tracking and categorizing items across active construction sites. From residential subdivisions, to shopping centers, tennis stadiums and concert venues, it has become an irreplaceable tracking system on all types of job sites.
CHS Construction
Charlotte, NC
Site Marker has become an essential tool for me while inspecting projects. Utilizing pin drops throughout a project’s buildout has exponentially improved accuracy and efficiency in identifying/resolving issue(s) as they’re encountered on-site.
Colin Brown, Construction Admin
construction reportingconstruction reporting

Bring Your Project Site Online with Geolocated Data Collection

Experience the construction reporting software that increases transparency, accountability, and productivity by keeping project data all in one place.
Unlimited storage for accurate and up-to-date construction plans, drawings, and other documents for the field
No more wasted time looking for construction drawings. No more uninformed decisions based on bad data.
Assign tasks and share reports via email with any stakeholder on the project— internal and third-party.

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